In resonance with the Spirit

Psychological counselling, family constellations and childhood deconditioning

“The real purpose of therapy is to help people connect to the truth of themselves” – Dr. Gabor Maté

My name is Marina Chompalova and I’m a psychologist and a family constellations facilitator. I believe in the authenticity of the therapeutic relationship, in which the therapist meets the client from a clean space of safety and non-conditional acceptance, being connected to his own self. This space is healing in itself. It feels like going back home. I believe in the therapists’ responsibility to gently accompany the client in the revelation of the hidden dynamics that control their behavior. Often this path means going back to the pain from our childhood. But I believe that each of us carries the potential of transforming the painful experiences, our capacity for change.



I offer individual counselling sessions in person and online. In my sessions, I work with resource-oriented approaches, somatic work, artherapy, Gestalt, meditations, family constellations.

Family Constellations

Family constellations are energy work that helps us recognize and transform the painflul aspects of our lives, find reconcilliation and heal transgenerational trauma. Healing occurs at a very deep level – the level of the soul.

Childhood Deconditioning

Childhood deconditioning is a process structured in ten sessions that helps us express the repressed emotions and reconnect to our authentic self. It enables us to heal our childhood trauma and open space for the unique qualities of our essence.

Family constellations

Systemic (family) constellations are a therepeutical approach that looks at the individual in a bigger context – the context of the family in which they were born and whose unresolved issues often manifest as troubles or symptoms in our present life.

An example of how past generations can impact our current life is the so-called “blind love” – someone carrying the suffering of a parent or grandparent in the hope that this will relieve the parent’s suffering. Family constellations help us recognize and transform these aspects, to find reconcilliation and heal multigenerational trauma. This healing happens at a deep level – the level of the soul.