In resonance with the Spirit

Psychological counselling, family constellations and childhood deconditioning

My name is Marina Chompalova and I am a psychologist and family constellations facilitator. In my work, I use family constellations, psychosomatic work, guided meditations, resource-oriented approaches, Gestalt therapy, arttherapy. I believe that experiential therapy is an effective way to heal the pain from the past that restricts us in the present.

I have completed trainings in Family Constellations, primal therapy and counselling. I also hold an MA in Psychology from Sofia University. Currently, I’m part of a professional training in Compassionate Inquiry – a trauma-informed psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.

Compassionate Inquiry gently uncovers and releases the layers of childhood trauma, constriction, and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of illness and addiction.

We all long to be seen, heard, understood and loved. When this does not happen, we experience disconnection and shame. We start reconnecting to ourselves and the world when we are connected to our bodies, our breath, the present moment, and one another. Only when we feel safe can we open up to our vulnerability and emotions, and discover and express what is true for us. This expression is what heals us. Connection is the antidote to shame.

“The purpose of Compassionate Inquiry is to drill down to the core stories people tell themselves – to get them to see what story they are telling themselves unconsciously; what those beliefs are, where they came from; and guide them to the possibility of letting go of those stories, or letting go of the hold those stories have on them. ~ Dr. Gabor Maté


I started working with people driven by my curiosity about the human soul and my desire to see it beyond the conditioning. Beneath the layers of our personality there is this essence in everyone of us – healthy, pure, untouched.

I believe in the therapy in which the therapist is a clean mirror for the client and has full acceptance and love for him or her. For me, transformation is possible only in this space of love, in which the therapist does not want the client to change.

I’ll be happy to support you in your journey in awareness, healing and connecting to your soul’s potential.